Tape-In Hair Extensions in Wantage

Introducing Tape-In Hair Extensions at Segais Oxforshire Hair Salons

Tape In Hair Extensions salon Wantage Hair SalonsIt’s the newest hair trend on the market.  Achieve long flowing locks with no tools or chemicals and ZERO damage to your hair!  Try our new Tape-In Hair Extensions at Segais hairdressing salon in Wantage.

 Tape extensions are the most requested semi-permanent hair extension method in salons around the world.  So if you want longer, thicker, fuller hair, try tape-in hair extensions from the specialists at Segais. 

The extensions are made from premium quality Brazilian or Russian / Mongolian hair and are double drawn (meaning they are a uniform thickness from root to tip for extra volume and glamour!)   They are available in a wide range of colours to match your natural shade but they can also be a great way to try out a fashionable ombre of dip dye look in an instant!

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What are Tape-In Hair Extensions?Tape in Hair Extensions for Volume Segais Hair Salons Wantage salon

With tape-in extensions two small wefts of hair are attached by tape on top and underneath a section of your own hair, creating gorgeous length and thickness. The wefts lie flat against your hair to give a natural look.  The lengths range from 18″-22″ to 20″-22″.  The hair extensions are straight when fitted, but because they are made from 100% human hair, they can be styled like your natural hair.

Tape Hair Extensions Wantage salon Hair SalonsHow Long do Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

The tape strips are light-weight and ultra-secure but will not damage your hair.  You can expect your tape-in extensions to last between 6-8 weeks.  They can then be reused by adding new tape strips. 

How Long Does it Take for Tape-In Extensions to be Fitted?

It will take just 1 hour for us to fit your tape-in extensions and transform your hair!  Removal is easy too.

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