Creative Designer Helen is an experienced stylist and colour technician with more than 16 years’ experience in the industry.  She joined Segais Hair & Beauty in 2010.

Which styles or colours do you absolutely love doing?  I like doing bobs and creating a colour to compliment it.

What do you love about being a hairdresser? Making people feel better about themselves.

Which celebrity hair would you like to get your hands on and why?  Cyndi Lauper.  I’d chop it short and blonde it with rainbow colouring under the fringe.

Who inspires you in the world of hair and beauty? Others around me and my clients.

If you had to live on a desert island, which three hair product items would you take with you?  Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Oil, Joico Curl Anti Frizz styler, Joico Power Spray.

What is your ultimate ambition?  To do well at my job and to always try and be better.

How would you describe yourself in three words?  Happy, chatty, bubbly.