“I’m the first smile you see!”

I have lived in Oxfordshire most of my life but have been lucky enough to live in other parts of the world. While my husband worked for the army, we lived in many sought after destinations such as Germany and Cyprus – where I had my son.

My last job was managing an industrial estate where I spent a lot of time in an office, with the occasional conversation with a human being! That was quite challenging as I have always been a bit of a social butterfly. 

I have always been fascinated by fashion and style and working at Segais I have realised how essential the hair and beauty industry really is! I love watching the change in peoples’ moods and appearance from when they arrive at the salon to when they leave. It is such a delight to provide this alongside such talented stylists and therapists.

I hope that you feel as relaxed when visiting Segais as I did when I was a client here for all those years!

Lorraine, Receptionist

Conversation Queen