“I’m obsessed with eyebrows”

As a young mum, I quickly realised the importance of feeling confident in the way you look so at 18 with the support from my loved ones I joined college to study Beauty Therapy.  After 2 years training, I went on to study at the popular London School of Makeup for another year.

In 2003 I started working at a salon in Summertown part time whilst I started my own business.  I spent 3 years as a busy beautician learning new things as the beauty industry never stays the same for long.

I had my second son in 2006 and continued working on a self-employed basis.  Since then I have spent time on numerous training courses educating myself on new techniques and trends such as microblading, brow mapping and brow lamination.

My passion within the beauty industry has and always will be makeup and eyebrows.  It may sound silly to say I’m obsessed with brows but when you think about it, your brows can completely change your appearance from taking years off your age to giving you a no makeup ready face.

Seeing a client’s confidence increase when they’ve had their treatment gives me motivation to always be in front of new trends and fashion that hit the market.  I pride myself on always offering something new and exciting.

Shell, Senior Therapist

Brow Queen