2022 Hair Trends

The Best On-Trend Hair Styles to Try at Segais Hair Salon in Wantage

1970s inspired flicked fringeAt Segais our expert hair stylists love to stay on top of the latest trends!  We have all the skills and creativity you need to keep you looking fashionable and fabulous throughout 2022.  There are so many stylish new looks to choose from at the moment and we’re confident we can deliver a bespoke style that you’ll love.

Book a consultation with our Wantage hairdressers, and your stylist will assess your hair and work out what styles would work best for you. 

To book, call us on 01235 225522 or book online here.   For inspiration, these are some of our current favourite celebrity inspired trends…

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The Wolf Cut 

This modern take on a classic retro look is a cross between the 80s mullet and the 70s shag which results in a shaggy modern mullet style.  Also known as a wolf cut, this popular new style is a softer and more flattering look than you’d expect given its name.   

With a wolf cut, your stylist will cut your hair to shoulder length and add loads of tousled layers on the top and sides, fading shorter at the temples and tapering towards the bottom. 

It’s so easy to style: all it needs is a little mousse or gel to create a gorgeously textured and tousled look.  For a look that’s sure to turn heads, book an appointment at our Wantage salon!

Curtain Bangs and Flicked Fringes

Bangs, otherwise known as fringes, are a fantastic, easy way to change up your look with hardly any effort.  On trend 70s inspired flicked fringes and curtain bangs can be adapted to suit almost all face shapes and hair types.  It’s a retro-looking style, but we think bangs give you a more youthful, on-trend appearance with a bit of added sass!

If you’re worried about having fine or thinning hair, then adding a fringe of any type is a good idea as it will help your hair appear thicker and fuller. 

The Female Buzz Cut

The iconic buzz cut is a real statement look!  This bold style is a hot trend this year and will really turn heads.

This low maintenance style allows you to simply wash and go, or create a ruffled style with a bit of product, like Cara Delevingne here.  Are you ready for the chop?

The Bixie Haircut

Looking for a brand new hairstyle for 2022 that will really transform your look?   Try the new bixie cut!   Not a new type of biscuit, but a fresh and funky hairstyle that combines the best of the classic pixie cut and bob hairstyles.  

The style sees hair left slightly longer around the fringe area and over the ears and it features feathered ends and fashionable choppy layers for a flattering face-framing look.  It has been famously modelled by Rowan Blanchard and other celebrities wanting to change up their look.

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