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Body Treatments at Segais Hairdressers in Wantage

Massages In Wantage At Segais

At our Wantage salon we offer a fantastic range of organic body treatments to meet your every need. 

From relaxing massages with essential oils that leave you with a sense of well-being to body sculpting treatments to tackle stubborn cellulite, we have a range of body treatments to help you feel your best.

Our expert beauty therapists are highly trained to deliver your perfect massage. We use only the very best organic creams, oils and lotions from L'Organiq. Each treatment is designed to visibly improve the skin's radiance while at the same time being a relaxing and indulgent experience.

Massage & Organic Body Treatments



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Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Massage - Relax with a tension releasing holistic treatment. Your stresses & strains will blissfully melt away. Skin all over is left revitalised & velvety after an aromatherapy massage.

Invigorating Body Treatment - Combat cellulite, stretch marks and scars.  Includes an organic body scrub and invigorating body oil massage to smooth the skin, de-stress & re-energise.

Cleansing & Purifying Back Ritual - This back facial has a brightening effect to target spots, blemishes & dull skin. Your back will feel smooth as the congested skin is transformed, leaving it clear, soft & strokable.


Massage Treatments

Radiant Mum to Be - Safe & nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks. Gently treats your tummy, legs & face. Helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves heavy legs & brightens skin.

Therapeutic Massage - A tailored massage with the potential to restore the individual physically, psychologically & spiritually. A firmer sports massage is available with particular therapists.

Hot Stone Therapy - Smooth water-heated basalt stones are used to relax the muscles for a more effective & intense massage. Benefits include improved circulation, recharged energy levels & tension release.  

Indian Head Massage at Segais Hairdressing Salon in Wantage

Alternative Therapies

Reflexology - Reflexology involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, known as reflexes, to encourage the body to heal from within. The therapy is based on the principle that the feet contain "mini-maps" of the whole body. By applying pressure using the fingers or thumbs a reflexologist can have positive effect on the corresponding parts of the body.

Indian Head Massage - A non-intrusive massage offering relief for physical & emotional conditions. This head massage improves circulation & reduces muscle tensions. Also helps to disperse toxins & induce a feeling of calm & well-being. This can be added on to any massage or facial.

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