Segais Green Salon Policies

Sustainability at Segais Hairdressers and Beauty Salon Wantage

Sustainability At Segais Hairdressers & Beauty Salon In Wantage

At Segais we understand that looking beautiful doesn't need to cost the earth.  If you are looking for a green beauty salon and hairdressers you've come to the right place.

In this article we set out the steps we are taking to ensure that Segais is an eco friendly salon. 

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Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Biodegradable eco towels Wantage hairdressersBiodegradable Eco Towels

One of the many eco-friendly steps we have taken is to use biodegradable eco towels. These towels are safe for the planet as they are compostable and chemical-free.

If you are participating in Veganuary, you’ll be happy to hear that these towels are also vegan!  Biodegradable eco towels are a hygienic and environmentally-friendly alternative to the salon towels we would usually use.  

Vish Hair Colour Management Prevent Waste Wantage Hair SalonReducing Waste With Vish Hair Colour Usage Management System

On our mission to become more sustainable, we have invested in the Vish Hair Colour Usage Management System. Vish is a premium colour scale that assesses how much product is used and needed for each client to help reduce product wastage.

This will help us to use the perfect amount of hair colour to help avoid waste, save costs and allow us to become more eco-friendly when it comes to colouring your hair.

Joico Shampoo Refills Wantage HairdressersRefills For Shampoo

At our Wantage salon we are now offering refills for Joico shampoos.   Refillable shampoos are good for the environment for a number of reasons:

  • Refillable shampoos use less plastic as you just refill the original bottle,
  • There’s less petrol used to transport the product as less packaging is needed.
  • You will also save money when you refill your shampoo as you won’t have to pay for a new bottle every time!

Make the switch to refillable shampoo to help the planet and save some money while you’re at it!

Joico Eco Friendly ProductsWe Are Proud To Be A Joico Salon

Joico aims to help salons become more sustainable which is one of the many reasons we are proud to be partnered with them.   We use a range of Joico products that are recyclable, and Joico also aims to help reduce the carbon footprint within the salon industry by investing in new technologies and ways to improve the way we do things.

Book Your Hair Appointment At A Sustainable Salon

Every little helps, so whether you’re a loyal client already or you’re new to Segais Hair & Beauty Salon, just know that when you visit us you can help to do your bit for the environment, remembering that the beauty of our world is every bit as important as the beauty of our hair and skin.

Book your next hair appointment at our Wantage salon and help support our sustainability movement.