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Are you thinking about trying a new hairstyle, but aren’t sure if it would suit you?  Are you wondering about a hair colour change but don’t know what’s involved?  If so, we have the perfect solution!  Book a complimentary consultation with one of the stylists at Segais hairdressing salon in Wantage and we will answer all your questions and give you the information you need to choose the perfect new haircut and colour.

We all see gorgeous hair transformations posted on Instagram and Facebook, but what goes on behind the scenes to achieve these looks and how would they really work for you?  Book a consultation to find out more!

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Your Hair Consultation 

During your consultation, our aim is to understand how your hair will respond to different cuts and colours, as well as finding out about your hair goals and lifestyle, so we can recommend the most suitable service or style for you.  For example, we may ask you about

  • Your hair history (e.g. has your hair been home-coloured?)
  • Any hair concerns you might have (e.g. is your hair dry, frizzy, or thinning?)
  • What are your hair goals (e.g.would you like a new style, a full-colour change, thicker texture?)
  • What is your budget for your hair (so we can recommend something suitable and ensure that any maintenance required is affordable)
  • Amount of time you have to spend on your hair (so we can recommend something that will work for your lifestyle)

After this we will discuss with you:

  • The services we can offer and would recommend for you
  • Any hair treatments needed before we can carry out the services 
  • How long your service will take
  • Any home care to maintain a new style or colour
  • The results you can expect with your particular hair colour and style.

All our consultations are free and come without any obligation to book with us. If you decide to go ahead with a hair colour service, we will carry out some quick allergy skin tests to make sure you will not suffer any reaction to our hair care products.

Book a Hair Consultation at Segais Salon in Wantage

Let us help you find your perfect hairstyle and colour.  Book now for an in-depth hair consultation to get all the advice you need.   Call us on 01235 225522 or complete the form below and we'll get in touch.