LOrganiq organic facials Wantage at Segais Beauty Salon

We offer a wide range of top quality organic facial treatments at our Wantage beauty salon  from multi-award winning brand L'Organiq.

All our beauty therapists are trained to the highest standards to help look and feel beautiful, whatever your skin care needs.  Book a consultation and we can assess your skin and recommend the best treatments for you.  

The L'Organiq range comprises products and treatments suitable for everyone, from teenagers with problem skin to older people looking for an anti-ageing facial.

All our L'Organiq facials use products which are carefully crafted from naturally derived botanicals.  They are vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with powerful ingredients such as antioxidant-packed vitamins, fruit extracts, minerals, and essential oils.

All our facials offer a treat for your face, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.  Book an appointment to try our clean beauty routines and give your skin a treat.

Natural Organic Facials



Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Organic facials in Wantage at Segais Beauty Salon LOrganiq

Unlock Radiant Skin With A L'Organiq Facial

All of our facial treatments include targeted natural ingredients and products selected by our beauty therapists to address your particular skin concerns.

Moisturising Facials For Dry Skin :  Our hydrating facials include gentle exfoliation followed by cleansing and a nutrient-rich mask to rehydrate the skin. 

Purify Facials For Breakout Prone Skin :  Gentle natural treatments to effectively sooth and treat oily skin prone to spots and acne. Suitable for everyone from teenage to menopausal skin, for a flawless, shine-free complexion.

Nourishing Facials For Aging Skin :  Cocoon your skin in nourishing active nutrients to comfort, renew and repair.  Ultra nourishing to smooth fine lines and feed aging skin in need of support .

Detox Facials For Stressed Skin : Detox, deep cleanse and nourish skin damaged by environmental toxins and stressors.  Unclog pores, cleanse and moisturise the skin for a clear, soothed and resilient complexion..

Organic facials in Wantage at Segais Beauty Salon

Natural Sustainable Skin Care

We believe that effective beauty treatments don't need to cost the earth.  If you're looking for effective natural skin care treatments that are better for you and for the planet, choose L'Organiq at Segais.  All our facial treatments and products are free from parabens, fillers, additives and sulphates.  They harness nature's powerful anti-oxidant-rich ingredients such as high grade fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals to deliver healthy, happy skin.

Better For Your Skin: Natural skincare is better for your skin than many commercial products. The treatments are less likely to irritate or dry your skin, and they can help to improve your skin's overall health.

Safer:  Our natural skin care facials are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances which can irritate sensitive skin.

Better For The Environment:  The entire L'Organiq range is cruelty free and vegan. It is based on the best quality natural, organic ingredients, manufactured in the UK and L'Organiq is a carbon neutral business.  

Experience An Organic Facial Treatment

Organic Skin Care Wantage Salon LOrganiq at Segais

Pro-Age Eye Treatments

Lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles for a more youthful, radiant look.  Our treatments can work wonders on your delicate eye area.

Beauty Treatments for Men at Segais Wantage Beauty Salon LOrganiq organic skin care

Men's Beauty Treatments

At Segais we welcome everyone and our L'Organiq skin care treatments can help restore your confidence and tackle common skin care problems such as dryness, breakouts and dull skin.

Organic skin care for older women in Wantage at Segais LOrganiq

Anti-Ageing Facials

Combat the signs of ageing and maintain your skin’s elasticity and glow with an organic anti-ageing facial including L'Organiq Marula Oil Facial Serum.  Powerful natural skin care at Segais.