Grey Hair Coverage

Restore your Hair Colour at Segais Hair Salons in Wantage salon

Let’s face it, no one really wants to look older, and grey hair can have a very aging effect.   Luckily you can bring back the glorious look and feel of youthful hair at Segais hair salon in Wantage!

Why Should I Colour My Grey Hair?

Although grey hair colour can be very fashionable these days, the fact remains that grey or white hair is more usually associated with aging.  Rightly or wrongly, this can have an impact on how people relate to you, which can be particularly hard if you go grey early, in your 20s or 30s.

Grey hair colour can also have a draining effect on your skin tone and may impact on the colour of clothes you can wear if you don’t want to appear washed out.  

Choosing to colour your grey hair can actually be a great opportunity to try something new!  Although at Segais we can match your original hair colour perfectly, why not consider trying a new shade?  Grey or white hair can be a great base for the latest pastel hair colours for example.   Book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation and our experienced hair colour technicians can help you decide on a shade and style that will work for you.

Making yourself look younger with a gorgeous new hair colour is also a great way to make yourself feel younger!   So why not give your confidence a boost and put the spring back in your step at Segais?

Grey Hair Coverage with Joico Age Defy at Segais

At Segais we have a range of hair colour products specifically designed to reverse the key signs of maturing hair -loss of texture, lustre and colour.  Vero K-PAL Age Defy by Joico contains the latest hair colour technology to:

  • Restore your hair’s soft and silky texture
  • Revive hair’s lustrous shine and vibrancy
  • Renew your hair’s colour with exceptional, long-lasting grey coverage
  • Reconstruct your hair’s structure for optimal health and condition.

It comes in a range of natural looking colours which we can use individually or combine to produce a flattering, youthful effect to compliment your style and skin tone.

Book in for a Hair Colour Consultation at your local Segais Oxfordshire Hair Salon

Going grey? Just say nay!  Turn back the clock on those dull, coarse, wiry, brittle strands and bring back the beauty of your hair Age Defy at Segais hair salon in Wantage.   Call us now on 01235 225522 (Wantage) to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation.