Recommend a Friend

recommend a friend Oxfordshire Hair & Beauty Salon

If you are an existing client at the Segais and you Recommend a Friend who has never visited the salons –

you both get a 50% discount off your next Design, Cut and Finish or Facial*.

Just enter the information below and forward the instant email Discount Voucher to your friend.

Once they have visited the salon with their email voucher we will record a 50% discount off your next design, cut and finish or facial*.

How it works:

1. Enter your name & email
2. Choose the Segais salon that you visit
3. Enter the name of the stylist/therapist that you recommend
4. You forward to your friend the Discount Voucher email that they take to the salon and get a 50% discount off their 1st  design, cut and finish or facial
5. That email is recorded in that salon ready for your 50% discount off your next cut and finish or facial.