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Get an instant style transformation at our Oxfordshire hair salons with our hair extensions service.  Extensions are a fantastic way to change up your look by adding length, volume and even colour to your hair.  At Segais we use premium quality human hair in our extensions, which come in a wide range of colours and lengths.  They will blend safely and beautifully into your own to give you the gorgeous, glossy finish you've been dreaming of.

Your first step is to book in for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our hair extension experts.  We'll assess your hair  and together we will discuss the look you want to achieve, how long it will take, how much it will cost and any after care advice to keep your hair looking beautiful after you leave the salon.

Call us now on 01235 223826 (Didcot) or 01235 225522 (Wantage) or email .uk to book your consultation and find out how hair extensions can transform your look.

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Hair Extensions FAQs

We've got you covered with two different types of hair extensions: long-lasting Balmain keratin bonded extensions plus, the latest trend, high quality tape-in extensions.
Rest assured that we do not use harsh glue to attach your hair extensions.  Instead we use the keratin bonding system which is much kinder to your natural hair.
With regular maintenance appointments and the correct home-care regime, bonded extensions can be expected to last up to 3 to 4 months.  At this stage the bonds will become more visible due to your natural hair growth.  We recommend that they are removed and replaced at this stage to avoid any damage to your natural hair.   At your initial consultation we will give you more information on the maintenance regime you will need to follow to keep your extensions looking beautiful.
With tape-in extensions two small wefts of hair are attached by tape on top and underneath a section of your own hair, creating gorgeous length and thickness.  They allow you to achieve long flowing locks with no tools or chemicals and cause no damage to your hair at all. Find out more about this popular service here.
You can expect your tape-in extensions to last between 6-8 weeks.  They can then be reused by adding new tape strips. 
Our extensions are made from premium quality Brazilian or Russian / Mongolian hair and are double drawn (which means they are of a uniform thickness from root to tip for extra volume). 
Human hair extensions will look and feel like your own hair to create a more natural look and effect.  They can also be styled using heated tools in the same way you would your own hair.  The hair used in our extensions is of the best quality and 100% ethically sourced.
If you're worried your hair is looking fine and limp, then hair extensions could be the answer.  they are an excellent way to add volume to thinning hair for both men and women.  They can also be used simply to give your hair a bit of lift and boost, creating a more voluminous look.   Our hair extensions come in a wide variety of colours and textures, meaning we're able to blend in with your own hair colour for a completely natural look.
 Although we can match your natural hair colour completely, hair extensions can also be a great way to try out a different shade without the commitment of dying your hair.   For example you could try out a sun-kissed balayage look or even a vibrant fashion colour.  Speak to our hair extensions technicians about the range of colours available.
Both types of hair extensions we offer are light-weight and extremely comfortable to wear.
To avoid tangling your hair extensions when washing them, you should  always brush them first.  Apply shampoo to wet hair in the usual way, squeezing from roots to the ends of your hair. Gently massaging your scalp, in a downwards motion. Rinse your hair thoroughly and repeat as necessary.  Apply your conditioner to wet hair, smoothing from mid lengths to the ends, and rinse thoroughly.  At your initial consultation we'll advise you on the best hair care products to use for your extensions.
Yes most people can have extensions fitted.  If you have super fine hair, taped hair extensions may work best for you, whereas bonded hair extensions work well for shorter or thicker hair.  Your Segais stylist will talk through the pros and cons of each type at your initial consultation.
The cost will vary depending on the type of extensions you choose and the number we fit.  Tape-in extensions can be re-used with new tapes up to 3 times, making them a good value option. At your initial consultation we will assess your hair and give you an exact price to the look you'd like to achieve.