Do You Want Perfect Nail Colour?

How to Get Perfect Nails at Segais Hair and Beauty Salon in Wantage

Do You Want Perfect Nail Colour?

Perfect nails are within your reach at Segais Hair & Beauty Salon in Wantage where we offer sensational manicures, pedicures and gel polish services

Top Tips for Perfect, Long-Lasting Nails

We have all been there… you paint your nails with extra special care and before you know it, they are smudged and chipped! Want to know what you can do to keep your nails looking perfect for longer? Follow our top tips:

Biting your Nails: Biting your nails is a common habit that will chip your polish quickly. Apply a no-bite nail varnish to help deter you and wean you off your habit.
Spraying Perfume:Perfumes contain ingredients similar to those found in nail varnish removers, so try and avoid spritzing to close to your nails.
Applying Hair Spray: Avoid putting your hands through your hair as hairsprays often contain chemicals that will wear away at your nail polish
Applying Sunscreen: Avoid softening your nail varnish by applying your sun tan cream before you apply your nail varnish. Some sun screens can even dissolve acrylic nails
Carrying out Chores: Acetone, found in many nail polish removers can also be found in household cleaners. Pop on a pair of gloves for longer lasting results.
Washing the Dishes: A great excuse to rope in others to help wash the pots! Or simply pop on your rubber gloves again as soaps and washing up liquids will lift polish from your nails.
Showering & Swimming: Water will raise your polish from your nail which will result in peeling and chipping. So, take a quick shower and maybe give your swim a miss if you want to keep your nails looking fantastic.

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