Haircare Ideas For Older Women

Haircare For Older Women At Segais Hair Salon In Wantage

As we age our hair begins to change, which means it will need to be looked after differently. At Segais Hair Salon in Wantage, our hair care experts explain the best haircare ideas for older women to properly look after your hair.

During the menopause, the change in hormones has affects on our hair. This results in hair that is more delicate and prone to breakage. It can also mean that ageing hair is harder to tame and manage. With the right haircare, you can take back control of your hair so that you look and feel your best once more.

Regular Haircuts

Mature hair tends to be more likely to split and break. The best way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy is to ensure you get regular haircuts at our Wantage hairdressing salon. We recommend you book in for a trim every 6-8 weeks. Through this, we can help you keep your hair at the right length. During a consultation, we can also recommend the right haircut, style and colour to suit you.

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Healthy Diet For Healthy Hair

When it comes to your hair at any age, it's important what you put into your body. If you eat a healthy diet, your hair will thank you! A healthy diet equates to healthy hair. Make sure that you're eating a diet full of fruit, vegetables and protein. The best haircare starts from within - so make sure you're eating right for happy, healthy hair!

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Regular Hair Treatments

Show your hair you care, as when we get older our hair needs a little extra TLC. At Segais Hair Salon, we offer a range of the best Joico hair treatments that will leave your hair feeling stronger and healthier. Sit back and relax as we work our magic on your hair with the Joico K-PAK 4 step rejuvenation treatment. If you're a busy woman, we understand! We also offer express hair treatments that will transform your hair in an instant for a boost of moisture and nutrients.

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The Right Hair Products

You may notice that the hair products you previously used aren't having the same affect on your hair as they used to. This is because, as your hair changes, your hair care routine will need to change with it. At Segais Hairdressing Salon in Wantage, we offer a range of haircare products that are designed for older women.

We recommend the YouthLock Care Routine which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and styling cream that work together to bring back bounce, brilliance, manageability and softness.

Another recommendation we have is the JoiFULL Collection which is designed to add volume and bounce to fine, thin hair. This collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner and styling product for luxurious volume and shine.

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