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Correct and Avoid Brassy Hair Colour – Advice from Segais Hairdressing Salon in Wantage

We know you’ll be delighted with your hair colour when you leave our hair salon in Wantage and we want to help you keep it looking that way.  There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing brassy tones rear their ugly head, creeping in to spoil your gorgeous cool colour, but why is this happening?   In this article we’ll talk about the causes of brassy hair and what you can do to keep your hair colour looking fresh.   

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Why does hair go brassy?

Brassy hair is the term used to describe the unwanted warm tones that can develop in colour treated hair.  All hair has some natural underlying warmth of colour, but changing your natural overall shade allows these underlying yellow, orange and red tones to become more obvious.  The problem arises when a few weeks after having your haired coloured, you notice these annoying brassy tones creeping in to spoil the gorgeous cool shade you originally planned.   

A key factor in the problem is that the blue molecules in the hair dye used to create your original colour tend to wash out faster than the red and yellow ones because they break down more easily.  This leaves additional warmth in the hair which further highlights the natural underlying red, yellow and orange tones, leading to that brassy look.

The good news is however, there’s plenty you can do to avoid this happening and retain the beautiful colour you left the salon with for longer.

Can all hair colours turn brassy?

Yes – both blonde and brunette hair can develop brassy tones.  If your hair is naturally a darker in colour and you go lighter, you will be more suseptible to the problem but blonde hair is also well known for developing an unflattering shade of brassy yellow without the proper care.  

Blonde hair has an additional problem with discolouration as it tends to be more porous.  This means it can easily absorb minerals in water and products which can turn it an unplanned shade (watch out if you are going swimming as chlorine can turn it green!)

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What should I do to prevent brassy hair?

Check your hair care products – Start by switching to hair care products that are specifically designed for coloured hair.  The wrong shampoo can contain chemicals that will strip your hair colour, or colouring that will react with your hair to turn it brassy.   At Segais we recommend Joico Color Endure shampoo and conditioner which is designed specifically to extend your color vibrancy 33% longer than any other similar product on the market.

Avoid direct sunlight on your hair – Not only will the sun dry out your hair but it will fade the colour too.  The UV light speeds up the oxidation of your hair colour and results in brassy tones creeping through.   If you are planning to be out in the sunshine, make sure you wear a hat or you could use a UV-protector spray to shield your locks.

Steer clear of pool problems – Your hair colour will not welcome being doused in swmming pool water.  Chlorine is notorious for damaging hair, stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it brittle and frizzy.  Blonde hair can aslo react with the chemicals in a pool to go an unpleasant shade of green!  To avoid these problems, try soaking your hair with pure bottled water before going for a dip as your hair is porous, it will soak up this chemical free water first, reducing the amount of pool water it takes in.  Remember to shampoo and condition it well with colour protective products as soon as you get out.

Wash your hair less and use filtered water if possible – Every time you wash your hair, this risks fading your hair colour.   The minerals and chemicals present in tap water also risk tainting your tresses and turning them brassy.  They can dry your hair out too.   We’d recommend you try to reduce the amount of time you spend washing your hair and if you live in a hard water area you may want to invest in a filter to get rid of the minerals in the water.  Dry shampoo coupled with a bun or plait is a great solution if it’s looking less than squeeky clean!

Keep your cool in the shower – it’s a tricky one, especially on a cold day, but we recommend that you rinse your hair in cool water.  This will close the cuticle cells and help to preserve your colour.   When the cuticle cells lie smoothly it makes the hair look glossier and shinier too.

Use a colour-correction shampoo – Colour correcting shampoos and conditioners use purple and blue tones to cancel out the yellow and oranges in brassy hair.  At Segais we recommend Joico Blonde Life.

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What is purple shampoo?

At it’s simplest, purple shampoo is just that – a shampoo which also contains a strong violet coloured pigment.  It will cleanse your hair and tone it at the same time.  Don’t be alarmed – this won’t give you purple tinged hair!  Just make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle and the purple colur will keep unwanted yellows and brassy tones at bay.  It’s like a “home toner” for your hair.

Purple (and blue) are on the opposite side of the colour wheel to oranges, reds and yellows, which is why they can be used to neutralise these unwanted brassy tones when they appear in your hair.

Who should use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is designed for light coloured hair, whether it’s natural or achieved via hair colour.  This includes blonde, platinum, silver, grey, white, or pastel shades. As it’s aimed at light coloured hair, you won’t see results from purple shampoo although it will help to maintain the colour if you have blonde highlights.

What is the difference between purple shampoo and silver shampoo?

There’s actually no difference between the two products and the names refer to the same thing – a colour correcting shampoo for light coloured hair.  The shampoo itself is purple in colour, but because it’s designed to neutralise brassy tones and add shine to blonde or grey hair, the results can appear silvery in colour which is why the term silver shampoo is sometimes used.

What is the best colour correcting purple shampoo?

At Segais we recommend Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo and Conditioner.   This unique color-correcting formula is designed to preserve your cool blonde colour and keep nasty brassy tones at bay while maintaining the hair’s vibrancy.  It also frizz fighting ingredients to boost shine whilst also protecting the hair against damage and strengthening its natural defences.

Simply apply a small amount to wet hair, lather, leave in for 1 -3 minutes before rinsing.  For best results, follow with Blonde Life Violet Conditioner. 

How frequently should I use purple shampo?

Colour correcting shampoo is designed for use when your hair is looking brassy, not every day.  You should use it two to three times a week, alternating with your regular shampoo to maintain cool tones.   

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