How to Get Rose Gold & Silver Grey Hair Colours

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Our expert hair colour technicians at Segais Hair & Beauty Salons in Malborough, Wantage can make wonderful and customised rose gold and silver hair shades, using the most recent scope of brilliant hair colours.

Kylie Jenner is one of many celebrities who are fans of the rose gold colour trend. This is a beautiful shade of blonde/pink that looks stunning on people of all ages.   The silver grey hair colour trend also trails alongside rose gold, consisting of fresh and vibrant silver-grey tones to give your hair that extra shine and life. Keep on reading to find out how to get beautiful rose gold and silver grey hair colours.

During a complimentary hair colour consultation, we will discuss the look you want to achieve and assess the colour options and techniques available. We also have  several hair treatment services to help strengthen and protect your hair while it is being coloured.

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Process for Dyeing Hair Rose Gold or Silver Grey

To factor out the time taken to acquire the rose gold or silver grey hair shade, a number of things are taken into consideration such as your hair volume, what your existing hair colour is and what is exact shade we are trying to obtain.

Step 1: Bleaching your hair

Acquiring the rose gold or silver grey hair shade begins with bleaching your hair to a blonde or platinum blonde.

The bleaching process may need to be done more than once in order for the right shade of grey or rose hair dye to correctly stand out.

If your hair has been chemically processed or shows signs of damage, we can radically improve the appearance of over-processed and damaged hair with a hair treatment. One of our favourite rescue remedies is Niophlex hair conditioning and repair treatment to strengthen and protect your hair while it is being coloured.

Step 2: Adding toners

The next step is to add the toners once your hair colour is sufficiently lightened. Toners are needed to remove any ‘brassy’ or orange hues that may be left over.

The silver grey hair shade requires a purple toner to be applied which directly counteracts the yellow undertones in your hair to give you the ‘white-silver’ hues.

Step 3: Dying your hair rose gold or silver grey

During this step, we proceed with adding your desired shade of rose gold or grey hair dye –  after approximately 30 minutes sitting time, the dye can be washed out with a colour safe shampoo.

Maintaining Your Rose Gold or Silver Grey Hair Colour

To help prolong the life of your new hair colours, we recommend washing your hair every other day, however, will advise you on the best hair care maintenance routine before your treatment.

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