Joico Colour Therapy

Joico Color Therapy package Segais Wantage Hairdressers Shampoo Conditioner

The Best Products for Brunette and Red Hair at Segais Hairdressers in Wantage

We hear a lot about how to protect your blonde, but what if you are a brunette or redhead who wants to keep your hair colour fresh?

At Segais, we recommend the Joico K-PAK® Color Therapy™ range.  Formulated with African Manketti and Argan oils and Joico’s SmartRelease™ liposome technology, the K-PAK® Color Therapy™ collection helps lock in stunningly beautiful colour vibrancy and knock out hair damage in one powerful punch.

The colour-preserving shampoo won’t zap the zing out of your new shade. It washes away dirt and debris while being gentle to colour-treated hair. With its luscious lather formulated with antioxidant-rich African Manketti and Argan oils, you’ll actually help extend the life of your shade's vibrancy and fight future damage every time you wash.

Choosing a colour protecting shampoo may seem obvious—but we'd recommend following it up with Joico Color Therapy colour-locking conditioner. This extra-conditioning formula, with African Manketti and Argan oils, helps shield your hue’s vibrancy, while hydrating overtime to strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

Speak to your Segais stylist about other products in the Color-Therapy range, including Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment, Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray and Luster Lock Glossing Oil.  Call us on 01235 225522 for more information or to order.

Joico Color Therapy at Segais Wantage Hair Salon