Post-Lockdown Hair Transformations

The Most Popular Post-Lockdown Hair Trends From Segais Oxfordshire Hair Salon

We’re so happy to welcome you back to or hair and beauty salon in Wantage!  The months at home have given us all a long time to plan our next hairstyle, so it comes as no surprise that many of our guests have been asking for complete hair transformations since we reopened our salon in July.

If you’re looking for a big style change but you haven’t quite found the inspiration yet, you’ve come to the right place.  Below is a list of the most popular and fashionable post-lockdown trends which could prove to be your next hair look.

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From Fashionable Lobs to French Girl Bobs

If lockdown has left you drowning in overgrown hair, you’re not alone – shorter cuts and styles have been some of the most popular hair requests since we returned.  Nothing says ‘new hair, new me‘ quite like a dramatic short hairstyle, and if this is something you’re after, you’ll be pleased to hear that the world of fashion is on your side.  Elle magazine has recently hailed the French girl bob (characterised by a fringe and chin-length cut) as “the only haircut to get post-lockdown“.  An extra benefit of  shorter hair is that some argue it is more hygienic than longer hair as it requires less blow-drying and won’t get caught in your mask – perfect for the ‘new normal‘ we’re living in! 

If you’re desperate for a good chop but you’re not sure what shorter style to go for, have a chat to one of our stylists.  We’ll take into account factors such as your face shape and lifestyle to come up with the perfect short hairstyle for you!

Short Hair Transformation


Bold or Natural Balayage?

Balayage continues to be our most popular colour request, but many of our guests have reported facing the dilemma of whether to go for natural or fashion colours for their balayage look.  Lockdown has certainly taught us that life is too precious to live boringly, and fashion colours are now growing in popularity.  On the other hand, sophisticated natural colours are a fashion trend that’s here to stay.  Whatever colour you choose, you can rest assured that our talented team of colour technicians have the skills and experience to help you pull of any colour, no matter how bold or subtle. 

Have you had a box-dye hair colour disaster during lockdown?  If so, take a look at our hair colour correction page.  For more information about the hair colour we use at Segais, please look at our hair colour page.

Bold Fashion Colour Balayage

Love Your Long Hair

Lockdown has given us all a long time to get to know our natural hair, perhaps after months or years of cutting and colouring.  The months at home have given a chance for our hair to grow longer than ever before, and many of us are realising we like it that way.  We can help revitalise your long hair post-lockdown by adding volume and removing those pesky split-ends.  If your hair has been damaged or neglected during lockdown, we can offer you a range of treatments from Joico to rejuvenate it. 

The long months away from the salon have also made us realise that grey hair is nothing to dread.  Silver and platinum hair colour continues to be fashionable and popular among younger generations, so why should these beautiful shades be hidden as we get older?  If you’re ready to join what is being called the ‘Greyvolution‘, talk to one of our stylists and we’ll create a look which enhances your silver hair.

Long Hair Red Balayage Wantage

Face-Framing Highlights

One of the most exciting trends to emerge from lockdown is face-framing highlights, as showcased below by the brilliant Beyoncé.  This small colour change has the power to transform your look almost as much as all over colour because it covers the area of your hair which most brings out facial features such as your eyes and skin tone.  Face-framing highlights can be as subtle as you like, or they can be a great compromise if you’re dubious about going for all-over fashion colours.

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