Semi-Permanent Make Up

Semi permanent make up services Wantage salon

Semi-Permanent Make-Up by Maggie at Segais Beauty Salon in Wantage

Would you like to wake up each day with perfect eyes, lips and eyebrows?  It's time to say goodbye to 'panda eyes' and over-plucked eyebrows thanks to semi-permanent make up!  

Beauty expert Maggie Humphries is returning to Segais having worked for many years at our Wantage salon before training to become a fully qualified Semi-Permanent Make-Up Specialist.  Using a specialist machine with disposable needles, she creates long-lasting perfect eyebrows, eye liner and lips by carefully tattooing hypoallergenic pigments under the epidermis of the skin.  Realistic looking strokes of colour are used for a natural looking effect.

Maggie will be available for appointments at Segais Wantage beauty salon on Saturday 23rd November and Saturday 21st December.  She will be available for free consultations on a Tuesday evening (booking required).  

Interested in semi-permanent make-up?  Please call us on 01235 225522 to book a consultation.  The treatment costs £250 and initial consultations are free.   Hurry, appointments are limited!

Please note that you will require an allergy patch test at least 48 hours before your treatment.  If you are not able to come to the salon for a patch test, Maggie can supply a home test kit.  Call us on 01235 225522 for more information.

Micropigmentation Services in Wantage at Segais Beauty Salon

Micropigmentation services Wantage SalonAlso known as micropigmentation, semi-permanent make-up is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their eyebrows, eyeline or the shape of their lips, all without the bother of applying daily make-up.  You may have lost your lashes and brows due to a medical condition or treatment, have an allergy to make-up, or simply want to enhance your facial features. Whatever your reason, please come and talk to Maggie about the options available.

Maggie is available for consultations on a Tuesday evening.  During this comprehensive discussion, you will get the opportunity to talk about the look you want to achieve and together you can agree the perfect colours to use, taking into account your skin tone, hair and eye colour.   Your colour will be mixed from the highest quality pigments and will be individual to you.

Your beautiful new look should last between two and five years, varying between individuals.  At your initial consultation Maggie will give you full information on what to expect and any follow ups required, as well as carrying out an allergy patch test.  If you are not able to come to the salon for a patch test, Maggie can supply a home test kit.  Call us on 01235 225522 for more information.

Perfect Eyebrows with Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading

Perfect brows with semi permanent make up Wantage beauty salonThe eyebrows really do define the shape of the face so it’s important to get the perfect shape and colour.  A well-defined eyebrow will help make your eyes more defined and your face look brighter, younger and fresher.  

Creating the perfect set of eyebrows is an art as well as a science.  Maggie will take accurate face measurements and analyse your facial features to make sure your new eyebrows are the perfect shape for you.  Depending on your requirements, we can give you a subtle brow lift, restore missing brow ends, or add hairs to sparse areas.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up for eyebrows is the ideal treatment if you:

  • Are dissatisfied with your natural brow
  • Have lost your eyebrows due to a medical treatment or condition
  • Have scar tissue which prevents the brow from growing
  • Have straight or drooping eyebrows that need an improved shape.

Maggie can achieve different results using different techniques.  In addition to cosmetic tattooing she offers Microblading, which is an innovative freehand, feather styling technique using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis.   Natural looking 3D hair strokes are used to create a tailored brow.  Take a look at the image to the right for more information on different eye brow styles.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Treatments 

Semi-permanent eyeliner defines the eyes and enhances their beauty.  It makes the lashes appear thicker and eliminates the need to apply daily eyeliner.  We can offer eye treatments including:

Eyelash Enhancements - tiny dots of lash colour are added between the lashes to give a subtle appearance of fuller, darker lashes. 

Eyeliner - carefully placed eyeliner can be used to enhance your eyes.  It can be placed on the top and/or bottom eyelids and can be thin, medium or thicker towards the outer edge.

Semi-Permanent Lip Enhancements

You can perfect your pout with semi-permanent lip make-up to add fullness, definition and colour to your lips. 

Lip liner - to enhance or correct thin or uneven lips by creating definition and symmetry.

A natural lip blush - to restore natural balance and symmetry by adding a blush of colour which, when blended inwards from your lip line, will create the desired 3D effect of fuller lips.

A full lip colour - to add warmth and colour and restore youthful definition by taking the blush completely through the whole of the lips for a full lipstick effect.

Book a Micropigmentation Semi-Permanent Make Up Appointment with Maggie at Segais Beauty Salon Wantage

If you would like to book an appointment for semi make-up services in Wantage then call us on 01235 225522.  Appointments are available on Saturday 23rd November and Saturday 21st December.

Call soon to secure your place as spaces are limited!