Summer Hair Care Tips


Hair Care Tips For Summer from Segais Hair Salons in Wantage

We all enjoy having fun in the sunshine, but the summer sun can also leave your hair looking and feeling dry and dull.  With these top tips, you can keep your hair in tip-top condition, so it can stand up to the heat of the summer months.  

1.  Have A Regular Trim at Your Local Segais Salon in Wantage or Didcot

Make sure you book in with your Segais hair stylist for regular trims to keep your hair looking perfect over the summer and to keep those split ends at bay.  It’s especially important to book in for a cut when you get back from holiday, to trim off those beach frazzled ends.

2.  Protect Your Hair From The Sun’s Harsh UV Rays

When you leave the salon with your hair looking and feeling great, you’ll want to make sure you keep it that way.  If you’re heading somewhere hot for your summer holidays (or even at home in the current heatwave), make sure you protect your hair from the UV rays.  Consider wearing a hat or a scarf to protect your locks from the sun and invest in a hair serum or spray with UV protection.

3.  Avoid Chlorine & Salt Water

If you fancy a dip in the pool or sea, try wetting your hair under the shower first so that it absorbs less salt water or chlorine. Chlorine and salt will dry out your hair which causes breakage, split ends… plus chlorine can even turn your blonde hair an unpleasant shade of green!  Best avoided!

4.  Leave Conditioner In Your Hair

Once out of the pool or sea, wash your hair again using a professional quality shampoo and conditioner.  At Segais we stock a great range from Joico and also Paul Mitchell.  You can even leave your conditioner in to give your hair an extra boost of moisture… just style your hair into a cool slicked-back look!  

5.  Seek Hair Advice From Segais Hairdressers in Wantage salon

If in doubt, seek advice from one of the expert hairdressers at Segais. We can get your hair into great condition and give you the hair style or colour you’ve been dreaming of this summer!  Book your hair appointment online or call us using the links below.   In addition to booking your pre-holiday appointment, we recommend making a booking for your return too so we can freshen up your hair colour and trim off any dry frizzy ends.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.   Have a great summer!