Skin Test Awareness Month

Skin Testing at Segais Hair Salons, Didcot& Wantage & Marlborough

skin testing at hair salons in didcot, wantage and marlboroughApril is skin test awareness month at Segais Hair & Beauty and we would like to invite you all to pop in and have a quick skin test.

It is important to have regular skin tests for all colour services, including foils, hair tints, semi permanent or permanent colour and eyelash/eyebrow tinting.

Skin tests are essential before colouring even if you have regular hair colouring, non-regular colouring, virgin hair (never coloured), thinking of changing from your normal colour or have previously had a skin test.

Did you know that our bodies are changing all the time and many environmental factors can affect the way your body and/or hair responds to colour application, these include:

  • Some medications
  • Skin conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Hair condition
  • Hormonal changes

If you have not had a skin test with us in the last 12 months, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to colour your hair on that day.

If you have never had colour application to your scalp with us before then we will NOT be able to apply any colour until you have had a skin test with us.

There is no need to book for a skin test, simply pop in to any of our salons, any time and ask for a free skin test, or alternatively you can ask whilst you are already in with us having a cut or beauty services (not colouring or tinting services though as if you have a reaction we will not be able to tell where the reaction has come from), it takes 2 minutes and a small amount of colour will be applied behind your ear and must not be washed off for at least 24 hours, unless of course you develop any uncomfortable itching or burning and then you must wash off with warm water immediately and seek medical advice. if there is no reaction after 48 hours then you can book in for your colour or tinting service.

If you are unlucky and experience an adverse reaction to our top colour brand Joico then we do have an alternative product called Sensus that is for more sensitive skin which we can then try as another skin test.

Every April Segais Hair & Beauty will be striving to ensure that awareness is raised and that all our clients have had a recent skin test.

Although Segais will be insisting on a skin test every 12 months, you can have a skin test as often as you like and if required we will be more than happy to do a skin test for you 48 hours before every colour application.

We will ask you to complete a brief chemical consultation form when you come in for your skin test but all details will be kept private and confidential in line with the data protection act.

Before & After: Severe allergic reaction
A mild allergic reaction