Hair Tips for Summer

How to Take Care of Hair in Summer – Top Tips from Segais Hair & Beauty Salons in Malborough & Wantage

Hair Tips for SummerThe summer season comes with warm sunshine, beach parties, bikinis and the opportunity to catch a tan! Unfortunately, certain summer holiday habits can also trigger hair damage.

At Segais hair & beauty salons in Malborough & Wantage, we can help you with any questions you may have concerning your hair problems.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your hair in summer. Whether you want to protect hair from chlorine, protect hair from heat or protect hair from the sun, we have all the answers. 


Stop Hair Colour From Fading Over Summer

We all pay attention to protecting our skin from the sun, but let’s not forget that our hair also needs some summer TLC!  It is so easy for coloured hair to fade in the sun which is why we recommend the use of a colour protection conditioner and shampoo

If you notice that your hair colour has started fading, we can provide an expert colour correction service at our hair salons in Malborough & Wantage. Our Niophlex hair treatment can be used to improve hair damage on colour treated hair.  

Tips to Prevent Frizzy Hair this Summer

One of the most common summer hair problems is frizzy hair. How do I prevent frizzy hair? is an often-asked question.  Your hair becomes frizzy due to lack of moisture so, in order to bring your hair back to silky shiny condition, we need to put moisture back into hair.  We’d recommend the Joico K-PAK Hair Rejuvenating treatment this summer. This 4-step hair care regime has been exclusively formulated with Joico’s revolutionary Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ to restore health, strength and shine to the hair. 

How to Protect Your Hair from Chlorine

Before plunging into a swimming pool to cool off from the summer heat, make sure you take preventive measures against chlorine for your hair.  Chlorine can dry out your hair, leaving it prone to split ends and breakage.

Protect your hair by investing in a chlorine-removing shampoo. Then book an appointment when you are back from your summer holidays for a professional hair conditioning treatment to restore your hair to its pre-holiday health. 

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