New Year Skin Care Tips

How To Fix Hungover Skin – Top Tips From Segais Beauty Salon in Wantage

It’s the time of year when we’re all feeling the effects of the festive season!  Late nights and partying are lots of fun, but the morning after the night before, you awake with your skin looking blotchy and dry with tell-tale dark circles under the eyes!  It’s not a great look to start the New Year, but luckily the skin experts at Segais Beauty Salon in Wantage have the best skin hangover tips for you to try!  Together we can ensure your skin is looking fresh and bright for the year ahead.

Decleor skin care treatments at Segais Beauty Salons in Wantage salonRemove Your Make Up Before Bed

We all know that when you get in from a night out, you’re unlikely to feel like cleansing, toning and moisturising!

Normally we advise you to avoid using wipes, but when you’re not on top form, any attempt at removing your make up is better than none!  Keep some wipes by your bed, just in case your normal cleansing routine doesn’t work out.  Your skin will thank you for taking the time to remove your make up.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Your body uses lots of fluid to break down any alcohol in your system, so when you wake up with a hangover, it’s a sign that your body is dehydrated.  The first thing to do rehydrate by drinking lots of water or other hydrating fluids.  Having a shower is also a great way to rehydrate your skin.

Rehydrating will not only help get rid of headaches, and flush the alcohol from your system, it will also let your body repair the damage to your skin, making it look brighter and healthier. 

It’s always a good idea to make sure you drink plenty of water every day, so make this one of your New Year Resolutions, to help your skin look it’s best throughout the year.

Mask Your Hangover

Decleor facials at Segais Beauty Salons in Wantage salonA quick way to get some moisture into your dehydrated skin is by using a luxurious night cream or mask such as Decleor’s Face Mask 101.   This replenishing mask gives an instant boost to your skin by replacing missing nutrients.   Ask your Segais beauty therapist for more advice.   You could also try one of our luxurious Decleor facials, such as a relaxing and replenishing Decleor Aroma Face Massage.

Scrub Your Hangover Away

You can really freshen up your hungover skin with an exfoliating facial scrub.  We recommend Decleor Life Radiance Double Radiance scrub which contains three types of naturally exfoliating particles to remove dullness and restore radiance and vitality to your skin. 

Brighten Your EyesDecleor treatments to brighten your skin at Segais top beauty salons in salon Wantage

Your eyes give you-away when you’re feeling over tired and under par. A great way to fix this is with a Decleor Vital Eyes Treatment add on to one of our facials.  This refreshing treatment tones the delicate skin, reducing puffiness and dark circles, making it an ideal treatment for hungover eyes!

Use a Serum

If your skin is still looking a bit dull, give it a boost with a specialist serum such as Decleor Aromessence Lavandula Iris facial oil serum.  Packed with beneficial essential oils, this award-winning serum works in harmony with the skin to reduce fine lines and boost cell renewal.   Speak to your Segais beauty therapist in Didcot or Wantage for more advice on the best products and treatments for your particular skin type.

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