Short Hair Trends

Stay Cool With The Latest Short Hair Trends
at Segais Wantage Hair Salon

It's that time of the year when the urge for the chop strikes!  Long hair can feel hot and heavy and we long for a short chic hairstyle. 

If this is you, or if you simply feel you're stuck in a hairstyle rut, we've got good news!   This summer short hairstyles are trending hard and there's a wide range of super cool styles to choose from, meaning you can look and feel cool!

We know that going for the chop is a big decision, so in this article we're answering your short hair FAQs as well as showcasing some of our favourite summer hairstyle ideas.

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French Inspired Pixie Cuts

For a hairstyle with plenty of "je ne sais quoi" this summer, go for a French inspired gamine crop.  This stylish version of the classic pixie has longer hair on top coupled with the traditional pixie short crop  at the back and sides.

This look channels that famous stylish French nonchalance, with tousled layers and waves on the crown of the head giving this look a fashionable undone style.  The good news is that no styling tools are needed for this look: it looks best just styled with your fingers and a little mousse.

The Heartthrob Bob

Nineties nostalgia is everywhere this year, including women's hair trends with the arrival of the popular heartthrob bob.   This is another choppy style with close cropped layers at the nape of the neck plus longer curtains of hair sweeping across the cheekbones at the front.  This relaxed cut falls naturally around the face giving it a casual, lived-in vibe.   

This cut works well with all hair types and textures  and will keep you cool over the summer as it's cut short round your neck.  When time is short, you'll be pleased to hear that this another style that you can just wash, tousle and go!

Collar Bone Grazing Lobs

If you aren't quite ready for a full crop, we recommend the chic collar bone grazing lob.   This flattering cut is great for warm summer days as it allows you to style it in multiple different ways, including putting it up if you want to.  

You will find that just losing a few inches off your hair will give your look a major style reboot.  Shorter layers breathe new life into an on-trend shag haircut, and add volume and thickness to fine hair.

The lob works equally well of all hair textures.  Take a look at Laura Harrier's chic locks for inspiration.

Short Hair FAQs

We hope you're inspired to go for the chop!  If you've still got questions, take a look at the answers to our Short Hair FAQs, then call our Wantage salon on 01235 225522 to book your summer haircut.  Alternatively, you can use our online booking system here.

Why should I choose a short hairstyle?


We think there are plenty of reasons why now is the time to go for the chop!  Here are our top ones:

#1. Styling Short Hair Is Much Easier!

Short hair can be fun to style using styling products alone!  Speak to your Segais stylist for recommendations from our Joico range.

#2. Save Time On Washing and Drying!

Cut down your styling time with a short hair cut!  Great whether you're dashing to work or enjoying your summer holidays.

#3. Short Hair Frames Your Face

Don't hide under long locks!  Having short hair can enhance your natural features such as highlighting cheek bones, jaw line and neck. It is also a fabulous way to create a bold statement!

#4. Keep Cool For Summer

Embrace the summer heat with a cool and edgy short hair style!

#5. Short Hair Can Be Healthy Hair

Maintain your new short style with regular visits to your Segais stylist to keep your hair in shape and encourage healthy hair growth.  We can recommend the perfect products to keep your hair bouncy and shiny.

Is short hair fashionable?


Absolutely!  More and more models and celebrities are rocking a variety of short hair looks.  Simply take a look at Instagram or TikTok for more inspiration!

Will I still be able to style my short hair?


Yes, with most short hairstyles there are multiple different looks you can try out.  A buzz cut or seriously short haircut offers fewer options, but slightly longer short hair can be straightened, curled, slicked back, texturised, or even given a cool quiff!

How do I know if short hair will suit me?


Don't worry, there’s a short hairstyle to suit everyone. We’ll take into account your face shape and hair colour to make sure you get the cropped look that suits you and enhances your features.