Short Hair Trends

Short Hairstyles at Segais Hair & Beauty Salons Wantage

Are you hiding under your long hair?  Why not consider trading those long locks for a sleek short hairstyle instead?   We know that before you take the plunge you will have plenty of questions about short hair, so here are the answers and inspiration you need from the expert stylists at Segais Hair Salons in Wantage salon.

Will short hair suit me?

Yes! There really is a short hairstyle to suit everyone.  Book a consultation with one of our friendly team and we can advise you the perfect cut, taking account of your face shape, hair type and colour.

Is it possible to style short hair?

Certainly!  Short hair can be curled, straightened, texturised, slicked back, braided – there are so many choices.  Of course, if you go for a buzz cut or other super short style, your options will be more limited, but why change such a cool and striking look anyway?

Will my short hair be on-trend?

Short hair is always stylish and it’s particularly fashionable this year.  Every runway and red carpet is full of fashionable cropped cuts as models and celebrities rock a variety of stylish short hair looks.

5 Benefits of Short Hair

1   Easy Styling!

Do you hate spending hours battling with your long hair in the morning?  Short hair could be the answer!  You can be out of the house and looking fantastic in a flash!  Even styling for special occasions can be done in the blink of an eye.   So, save yourself some time and effort and come get a short haircut at your local Segais Hair Salon.

Wash and Dry in No Time

Save yourself time in the mornings – washing short hair is quick and easy so you can be in and out of the shower in no time!  No more hours wasted on detangling your long hair – you can even leave short hair to air dry if you want to!  Who doesn’t need to save time in their busy day?

 Focus on your Face

Short hair can frame your face rather than hiding it, which means that the focus turns to your make-up look.  It’s the ideal time to revamp your makeup bag and take your look up to the next level!  

4   No Sweat

Long hair can leave you hot and bothered on a sunny day.   With summer fast approaching a cropped cut will leave you feeling cool but looking hot!

5   Short Hair is Healthy Hair

Banish those dry split ends with a short cut and you will be left with hair that’s so healthy it can take on anything!  Why not try a fabulous new colour to celebrate?  You can find out more about our colour services at Segais here.

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If we’ve inspired you to go for the chop, you can book an appointment with one of our experienced stylists at your local Segais Hair Salon by following the links below.  Alternatively, book online by following the link at the top of the page.   We look forward to helping you find the perfect short hairstyle!