Spring Clean Your Hair & Beauty Routine

Spring Clean Your Routine At Segais Hair & Beauty Salon In Wantage

It's that time of year again... Spring cleaning time! It's important to remember to spring clean your hair and beauty products as it's easy to get stuck in a rut with your routine. At Segais Hairdressers & Beauty Salon in Wantage, our expert team has the top tips on how to refresh your beauty and hair routine this spring.

Get Rid Of Out Of Date Products

Check the expiry date on your hair, makeup and skincare products! Often people don't check the expiry date on products such as these but it's so important to. This can affect the way these products work on your hair and skin. Look after your body by ensure you're using products that are in date. Your skin and hair is sure to look and feel fabulous when you are using the right products!

If when you check your products and you realise a lot of them are actually out of date, don't worry! You can restock your hair products with the incredible Joico range and L'Organiq natural skincare range we have available in store and online here.

 Joico Youth Lock at Top Wantage Hairdressers

Deep Clean Your Brushes

Do you feel like your hair is looking dull and greasy? Are you getting acne more often than you used to? This may be due to the fact that you haven't cleaned your hair brushes or makeup brushes!

When it comes to your hair brush, we recommend that you remove any build-up hair that gets caught in the bristles every week. Then, you should use a shampoo regularly on your brush to properly clean it! If you use a wooden brush or paddle brush, make sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines before washing as water can get trapped inside and may result in the wood becoming damaged.

When it comes to your makeup brushes or sponges, you should use warm water and a facial cleanser to remove any makeup residue. Then, allow to dry before using them again. You can only wash and reuse makeup brushes and sponges so many times before you need new ones though!

 Clean Your Brushes at Segais Beauty Salons in Wantage

Freshen Up Your Styling Tools

If your styling tools such as your hair straighteners or curlers aren't clean, this can also lead to your hair looking greasy or being difficult to style.

To clean your styling tools, make sure they are unplugged first! Never submerge them in water. Simply use a damp soft cloth or baby wipe to clean the styling plates. Make sure to completely dry your styling tools before using them again.

Another styling tool that needs cleaning is your hairdryer. Dust and dirt often build up in the hairdryer filter, which tends to be on the back of the hairdryer. This can affect how well your hairdryer works in the long run so make sure to keep it clean. To empty your hairdryer filter, check the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, you will need to make sure your hairdryer is unplugged. Then, you should be able to twist the filter off the back or unclip it. Simply wipe with a warm, damp hand towel to remove any dust, lint and other build up. Again, make sure your hairdryer is completely dry before using it again.

Clean Your Brushes at Segais Hair Beauty Salon in Wantage

Upgrade Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase is where you rest your head every night and this can affect your hair and face! If you have a cotton pillowcase, this may be damaging your hair and holding onto dirt which can cause acne. The best pillowcase for both your hair and face is a silk pillowcase! Sleeping on this silky smooth pillowcase will be gentle on your hair and skin - the silk pillowcase can even make your skin less prone to wrinkles!

If you're not ready to make the switch to a silk pillowcase, make sure to wash and change your pillowcase regularly instead to avoid transferring bacteria and grease build up onto your hair and skin.

Upgrade Your Pillow at Segais Hair Beauty Salon in Wantage

Change Your Hair & Beauty Products With The Season

As the seasons get warmer, don't forget to change your skincare and haircare routine to match! You should always wear SPF to protect your skin, but you hair also needs protecting, too. Make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair. We can also protect your hair this season with a hair treatment for hair that looks and feels fantastic.

Not sure what products you should be using? No problem! At Segais Hair & Beauty Salons, our expert team can recommend the right products for you from the L'Organiq natural skincare range and the Joico haircare range.

Spring Makeup at Segais Beauty Salon in Wantage

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