Winter Hair Colours

The Latest Winter Hair Colours at Segais Hair Salons in Marlborough, Dicot & Wantage

With the changing of the seasons, you may want to change your hair colour, too. So, here are some bold winter hair colours that will inspire you to refresh your look and add some variety to your season!  If you see a colour you fancy, why not book in for a colour consultation with one of our professionals by calling us on the links below?

Smoky Blue Hair & Aubergine Curls

Finding colour trends that pop is exciting and evokes a sense of freedom.  Ready to try a shade of smoky blue, aubergine or brighter blue highlights?  We can vary the shades to give your colour beautiful depth.

Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown Hair Colours

Looking up photos for new ideas can be oh-so-motivating!  Check out this dark chestnut brown base hair colour, accented with lighter cinnamon toned highlights. The lighter colour is applied using freehand strokes to give you a cool and chic look.

Orange and Yellow Hair Tones

Ready to get daring with the brightest hair colour this winter?  This orange shade will give you a reason to smile every time you look into the mirror!  Carefully placed yellow highlights help to brighten the colour further and accent the orange tones perfectly.

Shiraz Red Hair Colour Trend

If you’re looking for a darker hair colour, try this mahogany red colour which is bold, intense and utterly fabulous on brunettes.  Keep your length and allow natural waves to cascade down your back or opt for a cool bobbed hair cut for shorter hair options.

Silver and Gold Hair Colours – Friends ‘Til the End!

Calling all blondes!  Ask your Segais colour specialist to add an all-over shade of light golden blonde to your hair and then add in some hints of silver.  The silver will brighten your hair and give you even more WOW factor!

Strawberry Blonde Bombshells

Warm and sunny strawberry blonde is going to lift everyone’s spirits on a dreary winter day.  You may want to try a rosewood colour at the roots, blending into warm strawberry blonde at the ends.  Super cute and right on-trend for winter!