“Understanding my own hair to help you understand yours”

I started hairdressing 10 years ago when I got an apprentiship at another salon in Wantage. I was with that salon for just over a year when I decided to apply for a job at Segais. With the support of the staff there I managed to finish my training and became a busy stylist.

As a mum of 2 I have left on maternity leave twice and have always been welcomed back with open arms. I have also gone away and tried new things such as working in a nursery and quickly realised I can only tolerate my own children!

I’ve always been very enthusiastic and keen to learn about techniques and products. Taming my curly hair has always been a challenge so understanding my own hair has always been helpful when discussing with clients how to conquer their own.

I love cutting bobs, whether it’s a sharp precision cut or a texturized layered look.  I am passionate about making my clients feel confident with their style and giving them the skills to be able to replicate it has always been very important to me.

Carrie, Artistic Director

Curly Hair Queen